Friday, September 15, 2006


Tomorrow, the Scissor Sisters will play Trafalgar Square. If you have a ticket for the event, then lucky you! But if you don't, you can still catch it on TV tomorrow on Channel 4 at 1040pm where the concert will be shown live.

Today on BBC Radio 1 it is Scissor Sisters Day, so tune in to hear live tracks and other cool things- now!

On the right is a picture today of the stage being set-up at the square.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Trafalgar Square Last Weekend


The 'London Caracas: Caracas Londres' concert had a very good turnout, especially (not surprisingly) from the Latin American communities and students based here in London. So it was sad to see that a couple of bands were unable to make it because of certain complications, which meant only two bands ended up performing: 'El Gran Silencio' from Mexico and 'Desorden Público' from Venezuela.

The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone was there to introduce the show: 'This concert symbolises something that has never happened before in London, which is building bridges of friendship with Latin America'. Also, that London has always been a place for Latin American refugees escaping dictatorships, where 'for many years the sole beacon of progress from this area was the incredible revolution of the Cuban people and their resistance to American Imperialism, and now across Latin America, country after country... the people are rejecting the policies of Washington and the International Monetary Fund.' He also said that he believed it was right that President Chávez of Venezuela nationalises the country's oil and that London was in discussions with President Lula of Brazil about using their biofuels in London buses.

Leaflets were handed out from:

- Venezuela Information Centre

- Socialist Party


Today was the 'Liberty - London’s Disability Rights Festival', an overcast day, but fortunately the rain never was stronger than a light drizzle. Bands and performers were on show and you may recognise in the photo this performance, which also happened at the Trafalgar Square Festival... yes, 'Miniatora' by CandoCo were back!

Ken Livingstone once again showed up to say a few words about how great this festival was and also mentioned that during the Olympics in 2012 there will be screens in the square showing all the events so that people unable to go in person can watch it all there.

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