Monday, January 29, 2007


Wounded Soldiers Want Medical Help


The BBC programme 'Newsnight' last week had an interesting report about injured British soldiers appealing to the government for assistance with medical care they feel they are entitled to. The piece includes footage of soldiers demonstrating in Trafalgar Square a week ago. Trafalgar Square can be seen near the beginning and end of the report.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


In Our Trafalgar Square


This week in Melvyn Bragg's weekly 'In Our Time' email that accompanies his Radio 4 show, Melvyn describes a perilous walk he recently made through London. This is what happened at one point of his journey...

Most dramatic of all, got a bit of grit in my eye in Trafalgar Square.
Automatically tweaked out the contact lense. Grit out, contact lense blown
away, now dancing somewhere in Trafalgar Square. I had not time to go and
look for it there. This leaves me, near as dammit, blind, or very, very close
to Mr Magoo. Bit of a pity, as I’m due to do something at the British Library
this afternoon.

Anyone seeing the resemblence between Melvyn Bragg and Mr. Magoo? In any case, if you stumble over a chunky contact lens in the square, you'll know who it belonged to!

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