Wednesday, January 17, 2007


In Our Trafalgar Square


This week in Melvyn Bragg's weekly 'In Our Time' email that accompanies his Radio 4 show, Melvyn describes a perilous walk he recently made through London. This is what happened at one point of his journey...

Most dramatic of all, got a bit of grit in my eye in Trafalgar Square.
Automatically tweaked out the contact lense. Grit out, contact lense blown
away, now dancing somewhere in Trafalgar Square. I had not time to go and
look for it there. This leaves me, near as dammit, blind, or very, very close
to Mr Magoo. Bit of a pity, as I’m due to do something at the British Library
this afternoon.

Anyone seeing the resemblence between Melvyn Bragg and Mr. Magoo? In any case, if you stumble over a chunky contact lens in the square, you'll know who it belonged to!

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