Monday, July 24, 2006


BBC DANCING IN THE SQUARE (Blog entry 1/2 for the day)

Yesterday, Trafalgar Square played host to BBC's 'Dancing In the Street', hosted by Bruce Forsyth.

In a night of dancing, there was also an attempt to break the world record for the greatest amount of people taking part in a dance club at the same time.

Today, TS was in a mellower condition, but it hadn't shaken off dance fever altogether!

The dance floor was still there and as I made my way across the square, cha-cha classes were taking place (see picture above).

Also at the top of the steps; there was a very enthusiastic instructor teaching small groups at a time dance moves for The Clash's song 'London Calling', which I never actually thought would've been possible, but he proved me wrong:

What would Joe Strummer have made of all this!

Also at the square today the BBC's Blast scheme for young adults stopped by. Check out details of that in the blog above.

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