Monday, July 24, 2006


BBC'S 'BLAST' LIFTS OFF (Blog entry 2/2 for the day)


The dancing was all in collaboration with the BBC Blast team, whose tour stopped off today at TS.

I spoke to one of Blast's representatives, Caspar, who said 'Blast is aimed at 13 to 19 year olds who are interested in creating; whether it be in art, dance, film, music or writing.'

Go to their website: or call 0800 011 011 to find out more.

It seems like a great site to learn more about developing ideas for these various mediums. I went into the films section where there were articles, clips and advice on how to create good short movies and clips (useful to anyone who is interested)... so let's hope the next, er, Guy Ritchie is just around the corner?

For information about the other event taking place today at Trafalgar Square, the 'Big Dance A to Z Workshops', see the blog entry below.

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