Friday, July 28, 2006


Mécanique Vivante: one of Thursday's performances

One of next Thursday's performances will be 'The Song of the Sirens' by the French company Mécanique Vivante.

This will be the first time they perform 'The Song of the Sirens' in London. The aim of the company, they say, is 'to identify media where imagination and pleasure can flourish, to build a new moment, a unique object, new experiences...'

More information about the performance (including some music video clips) can be found by clicking on 'The Song of the Sirens' link on the left hand side of their website. Expect something quite different from the norm!


This is such a useful sight. I've never come across a blog that described clearly everything which happens - all in one place! Hooray, I've finally found one! TS Rocks, man! As an active Londoner myself I know that TS is one of London's hearts - this blog will definately keep it beating... Yay!
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