Friday, August 04, 2006


Day 2 of Festival: fire in the square!


Today saw a lot more people at the square. I would say nearly double the amount who were here yesterday. I will ask the Mayor of London office for estimates, but this was to be expected considering it was Friday night. With no stress of work tomorrow, a lot of people could just chill and enjoy themselves.

And there was plenty to enjoy; 'Mass Carib' by Nitro, 'Spheres' by Strange Fruit and 'I Want to Live in a City Where' by Martin Firrell (see interview) were all back again tonight.

One very keen American lady was trying to take a picture of every one of Martin's texts, a good idea maybe... who knows when the conservative National Gallery will allow projections onto its portico again (this was the first time that they had allowed it ever).

There was one new act, 'Amées Walk' by Zena Edwards. A very curious crowd gathered
round where she was to perform with her accompaniment.

Her act was an interesting mixture of poetic verse and song discussing some tale of a journey through London. It was very hard to hear anything from the top of the steps, so I made my way down into the square where it was much clearer.

I came down just in time to hear something about 'a river flowing like fresh water' and just at that moment, the Trafalgar fountains sprang to life, a very nice touch.

I would suggest to people, that if they want to maximise their enjoyment of the performances, they should get as close as possible. This happened to me when I saw 'Spheres' by Strange Fruit, yesterday I viewed it from the steps, today I was only metres away and it was unbelievable! The skill and elegance of these Aussie performers from up-close was all too clear to see. Totally engrossing. Hope to see them again one day.

My only disappointment was that there were not more acts! Today (Friday), the festival started at 8pm. Yesterday, it started at 6pm and there were also a lot more acts. Why? I would've thought with more people going on a Friday, you would want more acts then? In fact, Thursday seems to have more performances than any other day throughout the festival. I shall ask the 'powers that be' to explain themselves.

Yeah I bet they're quakin in their boots Max!
Well don Maxim, you are good to your word. This is some impressive coverage! Thanks for letting the Answer English readers know about it.
Hey thanks James; i like your site a lot, Spain rocks by the way. And Pete don't worry, the truth will emerge... whether they like it or not!
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