Monday, August 21, 2006


Last Day of the Entire Festival 2006


Alas, it had to end. On an overcast day, the crowds gathered at the Trafalagar Square Festival 2006 for one last time.

Up first was 'Luved Up!' by Upswing, dropping the beat for the final time after four days of performances. Congrats to them for a job well done (catch an interview with Jonzi D, one of the choreographers of it, here). What was a very sad day was actually made very cheery next by 'Roads to Freedom' by Kinetika Bloco. They made us all feel better, with their bright green outfits to go with their fine West and South African drumming and trumpet-playing.

And if that wasn't enough to make everyone feel cheerful, along came 'The Sweet Life' by Gandini Juggling Project afterwards. These cheeky Italians specialise in juggling and general clowning about. This act was apparently inspired by Frederico Fellini's 'La Dolce Vita', so they all ended up having a right ol' splash in one of the TS fountains.

Up to this point, I think most people there would've said the day's performances had been quite merry. Well, that was all to change with the next and final act, 'Duo Du Haut' by Catherine Leger and Ramon Kelvink. This was SCARY. They climbed poles that were about 40-metres high and started hanging off of them, doing handstands and other crazy things! At times, it didn't even look like they were harnessed!

The only happy moment for me here, was when the performance was OVER and they were safely back on terra firma. So I suppose you could say it all did end rather happily at least. This week, I'll put up some acts that were perhaps worthy of special mention from the three weeks of the festival.

Hey Maxim, i've enjoyed your coverage of the festival, the blog is such a great way to get this sort of coverage out there online. Hopefully we'll be able to get the message out there about our films to It's our intention to use a lot of urban music - some of which we'll hopefully be sampling on the site. You know your stuff, i hope we hear some more form you.


Thanks mate. Your site is great and I hope we're witnessing a new era in British films.
Hi Max!

Great coverage of the last day! I too was happy when the 2 canadians were back on 'terra firma'!

Hey man, good stuff! i thought the italians were cool too.
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