Saturday, August 19, 2006


Today, it seemed like the Festival was taking a little bit of a breather, in preparation for tomorrow's grand finale where four acts will be performing.

Today, after 'Luved Up!' by Upswing and Jonzi D, we were treated to 'Tiger Out East' by Kinetika performing in front of Nelson's Column. Their wish was to educate the people at the square about Bangladeshi Folk Music and they played some lovely stuff. Oh and there was this 'processional tiger structure' that was also present and wandered around the square for a bit with some drummers once the group had finished. They all did a good job and the Trafalgar crowd appreciated it.

So, the final day of the Festival is tomorrow and I'm sure it will be a day of performances to savour. Try to come along... this only happens once a year you know!

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