Saturday, August 12, 2006


Saturday Afternoon Fever


The weather is now noticeably taking a turn for the worse. There was no sun today at the Festival, but still plenty to keep Trafalgar Square explorers' spirits up.

Two performances interspersed throughout the day were 'Return Journey' by Expressive Feat and 'Vem - Beyond Loneliness' by Gisele Edwards. Both were displays of aerial prowess located at the centre of the square. Expressive Feat using just her hands and the cord with Palestinian Jazz music; whilst Gisele Edwards showed off with some aerial hoop work, combined with some haunting fado lyrics.

Dance performances on the ground came from 'Awaz' by Akademi and interviewee of the Trafalgarsquareblog, Cathy Marston (read interview here).

Cathy's performers did a fantastic job dancing to some well-selected songs of Nina Simone. The ten minute performance just flew by and left the audience wanting more. The dancers were extremely good and if I was to sum up the performance in one word it would be... exquisite. Through their dancing, they were able to convey so much in what was a very short space of time. The rivalry of these two men to claim the girls' hearts can never be resolved, at least in a diplomatic fashion!

Well done to them and all the others for today's performances. Tomorrow there are only two performances, which is a bit stingy, maybe they'll last for longer than normal though. Keep reading this blog to find out... I know you can't wait.

fantastic spectacle and well worth the visit. excellent day out today
Yes, they were all very good.
The performance was fabulous. As you say, it left us wishing for more! Wish I could dance like that!
As a dance student, I agree. Cathy was great!
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