Wednesday, August 23, 2006




So after going to every day of the festival, here are my highlight performances in no specific order:
So that's it. Look forward to the festival next year. Of course, Trafalgar Square will continue to be the setting of many an exciting and crowd-pulling event... all will be reported here.

Good summary and great links... thanks!
Yes, a great variety. I remember Martin's work on the wall of the National Gallery. Nice idea.
It's been great the way you brought to life all these wonderful events for us - especially since i couldn't attend all of them. Somehow reading this blog has made it all appear so much more professional and significant as it was being reported on and it gave us a glimpse of some of the personalities involved through your interviews. It's made a difference compared to other public events that happen and are then just forgotten. Many thanks. I'll be keen to read more as it happens in TS.
There was some interesting music.
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