Thursday, August 17, 2006


'Luved Up!' by Upswing kicked off the day. One of the choreographers, Jonzi D, did an interview with us that you can see above this entry. The show was a very high octane performance combining some hip-hop dancing with some aerial work. Look forward to seeing them again tomorrow, when it will be dark enough to see what effect their lighting has on the set.

Next came a interesting double bill 'La Divadivina/Paella Mixta' by Sol Picó. They weren't exaggerating in the Trafalgar Square Festival brochure when they described the Catalan dance company as 'highly contemporary'! To the layman's eye, the first performance made a bit more sense than the second (some plot about a diva who needs to get off a carriage, the second one they danced around a bit while a paella was being prepared on a stove!), but they were both outstanding when it came to choreographing. Very professional and polished performances.

There have been prognostications by weathermen of rain tomorrow and this weekend... if this is the case, I certainly hope is does not interfere too much with the performances that are lined up.

True, the performances were impressive.Had a super time.
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