Friday, August 18, 2006


Well today, there was definitely a focus on aerial acts- and spectacular ones at that.

The evening started off with 'Luved Up!' by Upswing, a classic love story told in a combination of aerial and hip-hop dancing. Interview with one of the choreographers, Jonzi D, is here. The performance I felt took on a more pulsating attitude, being on Friday night with hundreds of people craning their necks, to catch glimpses of the show as disco-like lights beamed onto their platform.

Next and also in the same spot, came 'Rope' by Company FZ. No secret about what this piece involved... yeah, a rope in case you were still wondering. Two internationally acclaimed aerialists controlled it, manipulated it and abused it in a way that was simply quite stunning. Then, water was switched on at the top of the 'cage' and they were climbing the rope etc. while it was all wet. It was all very cool and the crowd loved it.

Finally came the night's pièce de résistance... an absolutely STUNNING performance 'K@osmos' by Grupo Puja. This Argentine/Spanish collaboration was unbelievable. As a band played on the TS steps, these guys got into a ball-shaped cage that was attached to a crane and were lifted up into the London skyline.

There they did some amazing dance displays. Of course, they were all securely harnessed, but I tell ya if you're reaching the heights of Nelson's Column you sure have to have a lot of faith in the crane that's holding you up there!

This one packed the square, very effective as no matter where you stood, you were guaranteed a good look at this performance. Well done to them!

That was one amazing show from Grupo Puja
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